Founded in 1995 by Greg Edgerton, EMTS, Inc, serves the Semiconductor Test Industry many ways but mostly by selling remanufactured Electroglas wafer prober systems and accessories. We service prober systems and accessories at our customers’ facilities. We perform training, repair services, upgrades and retrofits on any prober related application. We also build custom prober systems to meet customer needs.

EMTS has the most experienced Electroglas Prober Support team in the USA with many man years of experience on all Electroglas prober models, accessories and peripheral integrations.

EMTS maintains its corporate facilities and main manufacturing floor in Windham, New Hampshire. It is here where the PC integration systems are built, and the prober re-builds and refurbishments take place. It is also where EMTS maintains its inventory and main service base.

EMTS prides itself in, and was founded upon, the basic principle of providing the customer with the service and attention that meets and exceeds their needs. We realize that some OEMs have abandoned the fundamentals of helping the customer in their time of need, and we are making every effort to bring back the reputation of providing superlative customer support to a new name in the industry - - EMTS, Inc.

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