EMTS, Custom wafer probers built on the EG platform, Mapping systems, OCR systems, Service, Training, Upgrades and Refurbishment
Electroglas Probers
OCR Systems: ESI and Cognex
Automation Information: Real-time Wafermap
Temptronic Hot chuck Assemblies


Electroglas models: 1034X, 2001X, 2080, 2010X, 3001X, 4085X, 4080, 4090

1034X, limited technical support available, please call us for more information.


EMTS, Inc. Offers integration services to assist our customers in combining products from several companies into one system. One example is our Robot 2010 wafer prober which combines a Genmark Gencobot robot with an Electroglas 2001 prober which can handle 2 inch through 8 inch wafers and has 6 cassette platforms. The Tester Interface is straight EG 2000 series for ease of communication and the wafer handling is reliable and safe because we use the standard Genmark robot system.

Let our prober experts adapt an Electroglas system to meet your testing needs.


EMTS, Inc. offers upgrades for all prober models. Vision systems including OCR and Auto Alignment, Material handler systems including Belt Track upgrades and Genmark Robot handlers, and Wafer mapping systems including Automation information Realtime Wafermap and EMTS, IWSS Windows XP wafer mapping system.

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